Magic Sofa Slipcover | Velvet

Magic Sofa Slipcover | Velvet

Magic Sofa Slipcover | Velvet

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Our slipcovers are made of high elastic fabric that stretches to perfectly fit your sofas, couches and chairs. They are used to protect while definitely beautifying your furniture. Our Sofa slipcovers are available in Single, Two, Three and Four Seater.
We have a wide range of designs available here. You must choose a design/color and then select the size you need for your furniture. 

Product Material

  • Velvet - Scratch Resistant, Wrinkle Resistant, Moderately Stretchable

  • FURNITURE PROTECTOR Preserve your furniture longer. Slipcovers are a must-have especially for homes with children and pets. It protects your chairs and sofa from scratches, dusts, stains, wear and tear.
  • PREMIUM FABRIC Durable and high-quality made fabric that endures stretches and rubs while keeping a soft and comfortable feel.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT The high elastic sofa slipcover fabrics are flexible, soft, and slip-resistant for long-term comfort. No need to redo the covers as it stays in place for a long period of time.
  • FITS LIKE A GLOVE Made of materials that hug nicely onto different fabric types including leather sofa. Comes with strings and rollers to achieve that snug fit.
  • AFFORDABILITY AT ITS BEST Slip and Fit offers affordable pieces with beautifully designed patterns and textures. Why buy a new expensive sofa or furniture when you can redecorate and make your old furniture look and feel brand-new.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE All of our slipcovers are wash hassle-free. Just toss them in the washing machine and let it do its work and enjoy freshly cleaned slipcovers to relax on everytime.
  • UPHOLSTERY-LIKE The snug fit of the slipcovers when installed perfectly looks like you just got your furniture reupholstered.
  • PROTECTS YOUR SOFA FROM PETS If you want to enjoy the company of your pets while lounging on your new favourite furniture but worried about the stains or scratches of your pets, our slipcovers is a good solution to keep your furniture in its fine condition. Just slip it on sofa or chairs and be free of this worry!


Please check Slip and Fit Size Guideline and Installation Guide for your reference.

General Size Rule. Applies to 99% Sofas and Couches. Applicable to any sofa of any shapes--with or without armrest.
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Our Customers Love Our Slipcovers

you will love it too!

We love this product!! We purchased 4 different sets and dress up our chairs every month. Our dining rooms transforms everytime!

Alyssa L.

I saw this once in an ad and was mesmerised at how easy it is to wear into the sofa. I would get compliments about the designs I chose. Completely recommend this product!

Carmina D.

Used to not allow my dog to sit on my recliner chair when he wasn't potty trained. But now I can relax a bit more!

Cierra L.

Truly like a magic! I have never been so satisfied with my purchases like I am with these slipcovers. I just can't stop buying and adding to my collection. My sofas are more fashionable than me now haha!

Sharia M.